Friday, January 15, 2010

Provo Craft Gypsy User Manual

I guess the people at the Provo Craft company think all crafters
are genius. A common problem is the lack of comprehensive
product guides, until now. Fortunately a step by step user manual
for the Cricut Design Studio and Cricut Gypsy are now available.

1. Can I Share Files between Cricut Design Studio and the Gypsy?
Yes. Both are compatible with each other.

2. Does the Gypsy come with any cartridges?
Yes, two, Gypsy Font and Gypsy Wanderings. They come preloaded
on the software, the physical cartidges are not included.

3. How many cartridges will the Gypsy hold?
The Gypsy can store up to 7,000 cartridges and up to 10,000 of
your own custom projects.

4. Does the Gypsy come preloaded with previews of the cartridges?
Yes. While the Gypsy will contain all cartridges and allow you
to design with them, you will be able to cut with only those
cartridges you have purchased and linked to your Gypsy.

5. How do I link cartridges to the Gypsy?
Linking is simple and needs to be done only once per cartridge.
Using the Cartridge Link Cable that comes with Gypsy, connect
your cartridges to the Gypsy one at a time and link them to
the Gypsy. The act of linking allows you to cut all the artwork
from linked cartridges from your Gypsy without having to connect
the cartridge again to the Gypsy or your Cricket cutter. It
also allows you to cut the cartridge’s content on a Cricut
machine without the cartridge being present.

6. Is the Gypsy compatible with all Cricut machines?
Yes. Before you can cut your design, you will need to connect
the Gypsy to your Cricut machine. Use the connector cable
that came with the Gypsy. Plug the cable into the USB port on
the back of your cutter and the other end of the cable into
the top of the Gypsy.

Once you have linked the necessary cartridges to the Gypsy and
connected the Gypsy to your Cricket cutting machine,
you are ready to begin cutting.

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